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Great Alaskan Holidays owns its entire fleet of modern motorhomes.  While other rental fleets in Alaska contain third-party-owned “Leaseback” motorhomes, a mix of different makes, models, and equipment, our entire motorhome fleet is owned by Great Alaskan Holidays and each motorhome is only rented for at most 3 rental seasons.

Day cruise company operating in Kenai Fjords National Park

Trip Planning

Alaska must be discovered slowly – one adventure at a time. Touring by motorhome gives you the freedom to explore a roadside glacier, linger a while longer to talk fishing with the locals, or take time for a little side road adventure.

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RV Rental Specials

Welcome to our SPECIALS page! Everybody wants to get a good deal, so we have some great new for you…ALL of our specials are great deals! In this section of our website you can browse through our current specials, and find the right one for you.


  • My son and I exhaustively research for the best value each year and always come back to Great Alaskan Holidays. An outstanding experience, just like Alaska. Clean, new and easy to use product. Helpful, knowledgeable staff, none of their competitors are in the same class. Stress free arrival- shuttle pickup at the airport, pleasant drivers (Debbie, Theron), lots of room. Top tier support during rental- Years ago, when we were RV “greenhorns”, support calls during a rental promptly connected to the most patient support techs, carefully walking us through simple procedures like operating a refrigerator, finding a pilot light, dumping sequence… If this is your first rental, don’t worry, they know how to build a successful vacation experience. Stress free return- Two or three men with no female supervision for multiple weeks isn’t pretty , never a penalty for reasonable cleaning or a missing(maybe broken) cup. In 2017, GAH was experiencing quality issues with one of their vendors, those issues and our inconvenience were resolved to our expectations. I suspect they will not have another vendor issue like that. Our 2019 rental was perfect end to end. Thus, the consistent, professional performance is worthy of a good review. Vacations are stressful enough, don’t worry about the RV.Jim S. from Orlando, Florida
  • This was my third time renting from Great Alaskan Holidays. They just keep getting better and better. The RV’s have always been great, but the real improvement I saw this year was their efficiency. The improved the check in process by allowing repeat customers to view the orientation video online prior to arriving at GAH for pickup. This saves a good 45 minutes of time at pickup. The second improvement was that GAH moved the RV return outside. This reduces the crowding inside and made the RV return process very efficient. A brief inspection by GAH, some minor paperwork, and you are loading into shuttle to head to the airport. The RV return lady was top notch she was there both when we arrived for pickup and for our return. She was able to share real world experience with some hiking and fishing in Alaska. She was very pleasant to talk to. We will be back again next year for year #4.Gary M. from Buckhannon, West Virginia
  • Renting our RV was seamless from Great Alaskan Holidays. From the get go this was a topnotch experience. Appreciated having access to the RV when we arrived after hours. Linens were as promised, bed was made up and the RV was spotless which was such a relief after our long flight. The next morning orientation was excellent, we were on our way by 9:00 am. We thoroughly enjoyed our RV vacation. This company does a great job – highly recommend!Ann F. from Avila Beach, California

Alaska’s Premier Motorhome Rental Company for over 35 years! Located in Anchorage, we provide premium quality motorhome rentals at great low prices. If you are looking to rent a motorhome, purchase your dream RV, or you need parts and service, we provide every service to help make your next adventure a Great Alaskan Holiday!


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