Finding The Fishing Experience You’re Looking For in Alaska

So you are planning a vacation to Alaska, and you know that you would like to make fishing a part of your trip, but once you start looking, you realize: there is so much information out there on the many fishing opportunities available to visitors, where do you even begin to sort through it all? Alaska is a huge place, with so many popular fishing destinations that it can seem overwhelming. You will find everything from lakes to rivers, to creeks, to ocean fishing, drift boats, power boats, walk-ins, fly-ins, conventional fishing, fly fishing, bait fishing and the list goes on and on. How do you make sure that you find the right experience for you?

The short and most simple answer is to get on Google and find outfitters, guides, lodges, etc. that are not only of interest to you, but are also willing to take the time to answer all of your questions

(no matter how much you think you’ll annoy or bother them). Start making calls or send email inquiries–even if it is determined that the guide service or lodge isn’t the best fit, at least you will leave the conversation with some valuable information. A good guide will be able to make other recommendations for you and will not try to sell you on something that doesn’t meet your wants and needs. Though the search will still continue, it will be much easier to find exactly what you’re looking for.


We have the great pleasure of taking guests on some fun and exciting fishing excursions on the world-famous rivers of the Kenai Peninsula. One of the most rewarding things about our job is when expectations are met or exceeded and we can set up the exact fishing trip people are looking for. We are grateful for the opportunity to talk to our future guests about the type of trip they are looking for (i.e. species, time of year, etc..).

Sometimes, at the end of our conversation, we find out that we may not offer what a potential client is looking for, or perhaps their ideal trip for that “trophy rainbow trout” or “king salmon of their dreams” probably isn’t possible due to the timing of their trip. Folks are spending a lot of money to come to Alaska, and we realize that this may be the first, only, or last time they will visit. These factors are a huge driver in how we operate our business, and finding the fishing experience you’re looking for is why we exist.

When selecting a guide, outfitter, or charter provider, remember that you are hiring them to provide you with a service; their attitude, knowledge, and experience will make or break your trip,

regardless of material things like the quality of their fishing gear. It is okay to be picky and lay out exactly what you want. Ultimately, this is about you and your dream fishing vacation. Here’s hoping you find exactly what you’re looking for.

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