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If you’re headed to Alaska this season and are considering renting a motorhome for your fishing trip, you may already be aware that Alaska is one of the most motorhome-friendly states in the US.  With ample rv sites and roadside camping available, a motorhome is an excellent way to tour Alaska, especially with fishing rods in tote.

Alaska has one of the most popular and productive roadside fisheries anywhere in the world with easy access to some of the best fishing that anglers the world-over dream about.  If a relaxing, worry-free fishing trip is what you’re looking for, then renting a motorhome for fishing in Alaska is the right way to do it.

In order to plan a great fishing vacation with a motorhome in Alaska, a few considerations should be made: namely, what species are you interested in and what are your fishing goals? There are key, prime times when the odds of catching

I type this now, just as I’m about to get the boat ready for some early season King Salmon fly fishing on the Kenai Peninsula.  It is hard to put into words the excitement we experience on our first few trips down the river after a long winter. There’s nothing like getting the rods ready, tying flies and fine-tuning our equipment in anticipation of making great memories with our guests.

Early season fishing in April, May and early-June offer some great advantages for eager anglers looking for the first action of the season.  On the Kenai Peninsula, where we are based, the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers offer anglers the opportunity to chase Rainbow Trout in the early spring (March/April) and the first run of King Salmon (May/June).

Though the upper and middle Kenai River Close on May 1st – June 10th each year to allow the Rainbow Trout to spawn, there can be some excellent

Alaska is starting to come alive. Noticeable changes in weather–the longer days, meltings snow and ice with consistent high temperatures above freezing–energize people all across the state. The true signs that spring, or “Break-Up” as the locals call it, has arrived in Alaska can be witnessed by the uptick in recreation and preparations for the upcoming summer months.

Alaskans are eager to shake off the cabin fever and malaise that a long winter can cause. This time of year inspires us to get outside and enjoy many diverse activities on most spring days. You’ll most likely see different people fishing, kayaking, boating, skiing, snow machining, beach combing, hunting, camping and sightseeing, remarkably on the same day.

Spring means summer is close – the most anticipated time of year in our great state. It also means the first vacationers will begin to enjoy the same recreational opportunities as the locals.

Of course, the main thing we

Fishing with families and kids has to be one of our favorite trips to guide. There’s nothing more rewarding than watching families have a blast chasing fish and learning new techniques together, especially with the backdrop and atmosphere the rivers of the Kenai Peninsula provide.

One of the most common questions we get from parents is: “can we take our kids on our fishing trip?” The answer is always a resounding yes!  We encourage parents to bring their kids along. We’ve had a lot of kids on our boat over the years and have had a lot of great times showing them the ropes.

Our rivers are very family friendly and convenient making the planning and logistics of a fishing trip quite painless. There is easy access by road to boat launches on either the Kenai River or Kasilof River. Ample parking for RVs and cars is available as well as plenty of RV-friendly campsites

Fishing in Alaska

Adding a Fishing Excursion as Part of Your Trip to Alaska

What’s more Alaskan than tackling a world-class fish on a rod and reel? Every year, hundreds of thousands of visitors come to Alaska from all over the globe for a shot at the trophy fish this great state is famous for. Whether by sea, river or lake, making a fishing excursion part of your trip should be atop everyone’s list.

I say it a lot, but on any given cast, an angler could conceivably hook and land a fish of a lifetime in Alaska. Whether your goal is to catch fish to take home, cast a dry fly at rising trout or simply have the experience of fishing in Alaska, there are seemingly limitless options no matter where you travel here.

One of the easiest ways to get your fill of fishing in Alaska is to book a guided trip down one of the famous rivers of the Kenai Peninsula. Most trips are all-inclusive and

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