Planning a Fishing Trip with a Motor Home in Alaska

If you’re headed to Alaska this season and are considering renting a motorhome for your fishing trip, you may already be aware that Alaska is one of the most motorhome-friendly states in the US.  With ample rv sites and roadside camping available, a motorhome is an excellent way to tour Alaska, especially with fishing rods in tote.

Alaska has one of the most popular and productive roadside fisheries anywhere in the world with easy access to some of the best fishing that anglers the world-over dream about.  If a relaxing, worry-free fishing trip is what you’re looking for, then renting a motorhome for fishing in Alaska is the right way to do it.

In order to plan a great fishing vacation with a motorhome in Alaska, a few considerations should be made: namely, what species are you interested in and what are your fishing goals? There are key, prime times when the odds of catching the fish you are after are much higher than other times of the year.

One of the biggest missteps we see some of our clients make each season is that they arrive either too early or too late for the species they are after.  Though you can catch salmon from early May through the end of October, if you are looking for a specific species of salmon and the best time to target them, those dates can vary wildly.  Same goes for trout fishing. You can conceivably catch trout year-round in Alaska, but if you are looking for that trophy fish of a lifetime, the windows can also vary (especially if you have a preferred method to catch them).

Another consideration to make is whether or not you plan on harvesting fish and how to process, store, ship and/or transport fish. Most of the “harvestable” fish are salmon as most trout fishing is traditionally catch and release only – so if you are looking for the right species to harvest and to maximize your catch, there is also a “right time” to be here.

So now that you have done your research and figured out when you will be here, the rest of the planning centers around where to fish, where you’ll stay and whether or not you will be travelling from location to location.

Alaska is huge and covering this state in a week, or even two weeks can be quite daunting, so we suggest limiting the amount of time you will be on the road.  This will dramatically cut down on travel time and greatly increase the amount of time you’ll be on the water.

Some of the best resources for when and where to fish can be one of the many books written about the road system fishing opportunities, online publications, or probably the best source: talking to fishing guides and lodge owners who are willing to offer up information freely. Many guides, myself included, spend countless hours in our down time fishing and we explore the many fisheries of the road system throughout the seasons.

Finding a credible source of information is key, but once you do, planning your fishing vacation with a motorhome will be much less painful. Here’s wishing you a great experience in planning your next Alaska vacation!

David Lisi, Owner/Head Guide

Cooper Landing Fishing Guide, LLC

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