Production Line Supervisor

Position Title:
Wage: $17.00 per hour, *based upon:
$13.00 per hour base pay
Plus $ 1.00 per hour Time Card Bonus
Plus $ 1.00 per hour End of Season Bonus
Plus $ 1.00 per hour Safety Bonus
Plus $ 1.00 per hour Wellness Bonus

Working Conditions: Five days a week. Days off vary. ½ hour lunch.
Between 7:00 am and 5:00 pm, averaging 28 to 45 hours per week

Supervisor: Service Manager

Organizational Unit: Maintenance Operations Division

Time Essential duties and responsibilities

80% Production Line Staff
Responsible to:
Responsible to direct production line employee activities to meet established productivity goals, quality standards and customer commitments.
Directly supervises the production line staff, to include housekeepers, shop assistants, washer drivers and lot attendants.
Creates daily work assignments for production line employees, and provides performance feedback to Service Manager.
Trains production line employee(s) in company policies and procedures regarding preparation, cleaning and stocking of motorhomes.
Responsible to address housekeeper(s) issues and concerns and refers unresolved situations to the Service Manager.
Responsible to complete random final inspections of motorhome to ensure accuracy and quality.

20% Other Duties
Responsible to:
Verify all production line employees arrive at their scheduled time and report performance to Service manager.
Ensures outfitting supplies are maintained to adequate levels to meet productivity goals.
Maintains adequate inventory of cleaning supplies and trains staff in their safe use.
Train, promote and maintain production line policies and procedures.
Complete other duties that maybe assigned by the Service Manager.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Must be at least 18 years of age
Must be to work on time and have consistent and reliable attendance.
Must be able to effectively motivate, direct and supervise staff. Able to work well with others as well as alone.
Must demonstrate a sense of urgency when necessary.
Must project a professional image both in physical appearance and verbal communication.
Must be organized and have the ability to manage multiple task at the same time.
Must posses a positive, optimistic, “can-do” attitude at all times.
Must be able to pay consistent attention to detail, and evaluate others performance.
Must be able to work until October 4th, including weekends and holidays.

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