Sales and F & I Consultant

Position Title: Sales and F & I Consultant

Starting Wage: Commission Position

Organizational Unit: Sales Department

Working Conditions: Five days a week including weekends, occasionally six days a week. This position requires 45 to 50 hours per week. Your daily schedule requires that you be present until all customers have been taken care of regardless of scheduled closing time.

Open Vacation Period: October 1 to February 28
Closed Vacation Period: March 1 to September 30

Supervisor: General Manager

Time Essential Duties and Responsibilities

70% Direct Customer Contact
 Assure that all customers are greeted in a prompt, friendly and professional manner.
 Assure that all customers are provided a professional product presentation.
 Assure the documentation process is an educational, non-confrontational process.
 Always look for new opportunities and new ways to present our company’s products to everyone with whom you come into contact.
 Assure you never compromise your personal or the company’s integrity at any time.
 Assure you maintain a positive attitude towards our customers, fellow employees and our company.
 Understand and demonstrate our company commitment to total customer satisfaction.
 Answer phones in a courteous and professional manner.

20% F&I Responsibilities

 Develop, maintain and enhance relationships with our primary lenders.
 Complete all deal paperwork and present financing options to customers.
 Up-sell dealer installed options, extended service contracts, and other insurance products as required by management.

10% Client Record Maintenance
 Log all customers “ups” in the IDS Prospect Management System.
 Assure your daily contacts are complete and accurate and reported to a Manager.
 Assure follow up emails and phone calls are completed on a daily basis.

All other duties as assigned.

Education: High School Diploma

Experience: 5 years successful RV or automobile sales experience. F&I experience preferred.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
 Must be 21 years of age.
 Must have current Alaska driver’s license, an excellent driving record and maintain same during employment. Current copy of driving record
is required prior to beginning employment. Insurance requirements do not allow the hiring of applicants that have been convicted of
reckless driving or driving while intoxicated.
 Must be able to consistently present the business in a positive and upbeat style. Customers need to hear our “smile” over the phone.
 Must be able to work a flexible schedule.
 Ability to pay consistent attention to detail.
 Requires strong verbal and written communication skills.
 Must be organized and accurate.
 Self-motivated with the ability to work well with others as well as alone.
 Must be on time for all shifts and scheduled meetings.
 Must have consistent and reliable work attendance.
 All time off and vacation requests must be approved by the General Manager.
 Company dress code must be followed at all times.
 Be a product knowledge expert.
 Complete and meet all manufacturer sales certification and recurring sales certification requirements.
 Complete and meet all company certification and recurring certification requirements.
 Continually look for ways to improve your sales, your communication and time management skills.

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