3rd Party RV Rentals vs. Traditional RV Rentals

Renting a motor home from a 3rd Party can be very risky.  Here are a few things to consider when deciding between a 3rd Party RV rental, and a more traditional RV rental.


  • Reliability and dependability may not be as solid as it would be with a more reputable brand with decades of industry experience backing it up.
  • Standards of quality, safety, maintenance, or cleanliness may not be maintained by 3rd Party renters.
  • What do you do if you have a problem while on your rental vacation? You are likely on your own to figure it out and may be exposed to the costs associated with the problem. Great Alaskan Holidays has experienced Reservations Specialists ready to help you through the reservation process, and technical service support during your rental. Depending on the situation, we can direct you to certified technicians in your area, walk you through the troubleshooting where you are located, or provide a motor home for motor home swap in the unlikely event repairs become necessary.
  • Is there an RV orientation available? If not, you might be left with more questions that you can answer.
  • 3rd Party rental contracts can be more complicated than traditional rental contracts.
  • Insurance laws differ from state to state, with none of them having an adequate explanation of coverage.
  • 3rd Party contracts often hide extra fees that can add up. Fees such as contract charges, administrative fees, excess time and mileage fees, taxes and other fees, repair and replacement costs, cleaning fees, parking fines and/or tolls, and so on.
  • One of the more common complaints about 3rd Party rentals is about the unscrupulous RV owner jacking up the rate once the rental customer arrives to pick up their rental.
  • If your 3rd Party rental is equipped with technology such as a GPS, you are at risk for a liability loophole. Even small infractions like speeding may cause you to unknowingly breach the contract, leaving you financially exposed to accidents, breakdowns, or maintenance costs.
  • Motor homes are highly technical, with a lot of moving parts. By renting from a 3rd Party, you are assuming the owner knows and understands all the mechanical and technical details of the RV you and your family are renting.
  • What if the rental customer before you has problems or issues with the motor home you’ll be renting next?  Does the 3rd Party rental company have a back-up motor home to ensure your vacation is not interrupted?
  • All Great Alaskan Holidays motor homes undergo an in-depth 41-point safety and maintenance inspection between each rental customer, not to mention the cleaning staff exclusively assigned the task of cleaning each rental between customers. All 3rd Party renters do not offer this comprehensive level of care.
  • 3rd Party rentals may not be custom-manufactured specifically for touring Alaska.
  • You are at the mercy of the RV owner’s maintenance schedule.
  • 3rd Party RV sharing website platforms are not in the RV business. They are merely run-of-the-mill tech companies that simply host databases taking a commission when most often all they do is connect renters with RV owners and process payments.
  • If you rent from a 3rd Party, you put your vacation in jeopardy!

And here’s the nightmare scenario; being broke down on the side of a road in Alaska with no assistance available to you from the rental owner. And if you end up in a repair facility, chances are it won’t be next on their list of repairs to get to.

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