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Remote Lodging for Commercial/Contractor Accounts

Commercial Rental reservations can only be made over the phone and require insurance riders. . .

Great Alaskan Holidays recognizes the fact that remote lodging is very expensive.  Especially during peak summer tourist season.  We’ve spoken with many of Alaska’s commercial firms who often find themselves in need of remote site lodging, and we have responded with an option that has been proven to work.

If you are a private firm working on a job site, or possibly a Prime or Subcontractor working on a government contract, we have a cost-effective, comfortable, and mobile solution for you.

Great Alaskan Holidays would like to introduce motorhome rentals as an efficient, productive alternative to traditional housing needs during remote, job site activities.  Short term, or long term, we are fully prepared to respond to your needs.

With over 35 years of experience renting motorhomes, and a fleet of hundreds of RV’s, we’ve got your remote housing needs covered.  And after comparing our rates to hotels, motels, or other forms of lodging, you will quickly see how affordable this option really is.  It’s an alternative you may not have considered in the past, but having rented motorhomes to several Alaskan businesses over the last few years who have had these very remote lodging needs, we have proven it works.

Maybe you are responding to an RFP that requires remote lodging for personnel.  We’ve got you covered as you can include motor home lodging after award, or literally build it into your RFP proposal response, offering proof to your customer that you are looking out for their expenses.  Or maybe you have more unforeseen needs as an emergency responder.  We’ve got that covered as well, with the ability to quickly deploy our motor homes to both your personnel who are responding directly to an emergency, or your employee’s families who may be displaced while other members of their family are addressing those critical response requirements.

For more information about Great Alaskan Holidays ( as a remote lodging option, please feel free to contact Bob Johnson, Director of Marketing with Great Alaskan Holidays, at either (907) 677-4536, or

Commercial Rental reservations can only be made over the phone and require insurance riders. . .
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