Top 5 Reasons to Rent an RV in Alaska

Top 5 Reasons to RV Alaska on Your Next Vacation

When thinking about your next vacation, RVing Alaska should be a finalist! Alaska has long been the ideal and dream destination for vacationers because of its natural beauty, abundant wildlife, and sheer vastness of its landscapes.

Now imagine all of these experiences with the ability to drive, camp, and enjoy places longer than from a hotel room. This is exactly what RVing gives you – the personalization of your Alaskan experience.  Great Alaskan Holidays can help you get there.

So, besides the freedom of the road, here are the top five reasons to RV Alaska:

1  –  Wide open spaces only Alaska’s personality can provide

Alaska has open spaces like no other. Within its half a million square miles, there are 33,904 miles of shoreline; three major mountain ranges; 12,000 rivers, and a state population of just over 731,000 people. That equates to 1.3 persons per square mile!

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Many of our communities are connected by roads. There are four interstate highways to help you navigate through our massive state. The road systems connect you to beautiful destinations from the far North, like The Arctic Circle, to some eastern parts of Alaska, such as Valdez, and the world-renowned Kenai Peninsula. Of course, at the end of the roads, planes, boats, and ferries serve as travel options.

When we asked our Great Alaskan Holidays RVers who spent their vacation on the road, the Richardson highway ranks as one of the most beautiful drives they’ve experienced. Given the option to RV Alaska again, this was the road they’d travel in a heartbeat!

An awesome feature of RVing in Alaska is boondocking, or parking without water connection (ie, RV parks), wherever you’d like! While there are plenty of RV campgrounds which offer amenities, feel free to park in those wide-open spaces. Just be mindful it’s in a safe area to do so.

Whether small or medium-sized, well-known or a unique find, it’s truly the road trip journey through Alaska that creates that sense of awe we all seek to experience.

2  –  Peace and relaxation you’ve been craving

When was the last time you took a vacation? In the US, only about 45% of people actually use their well-earned vacation days.

Between family, kids, jobs, obligations, or commitments, there is little time left for true relaxation (that lasts for more than 45 minutes). Time has a way of going on (and getting away from us), quicker than we sometimes notice. Now may be the time to reset your soul, and Great Alaskan Holidays can help.

Alaska has a beautiful way of ensuring we enjoy nature, we savour the time spent together, and that we simply enjoy in the moment. There’s nothing like hiking the Kesugi Ridge Trail in Denali National Park and photographing the fauna. Or beachcombing along the Kenai Peninsula and spotting a harbor seal watching you right back. Or how about viewing one of hundreds of glaciers (616 named ones to be exact) from the perfect outlook spot you happened across?

It’s in these times that we can engage within our environment and find solace in just being in the moment. When you RV Alaska with Great Alaskan Holidays, you can enjoy those moments at your own pace.

3  –  Safety among the wild

Alaska is meant for the wild. Luckily, early Alaskans had the foresight to keep our state pristine.

Of its geographic makeup, 60% of Alaska is devoted to national parks, refuges, and protected lands. Within these boundaries, habitats and wildlife are able to grow and thrive with little impact from humans.

While out and about, you’d be amazed at what you can see from your RV windows. Many animals like bears, grizzly and black; moose; foxes; and sheep can cross maintained roads. When camping, there’s always a chance to see an animal stroll past your front door. You just never know here.

Since you’ll be in wild country, remember that practicing safe habits will protect yourself and the animals. After all, you are walking into their neck of the woods, so please be respectful!

4  –  Time with family

Build family memories that will last a lifetime. Alaska is unique in that it brings the adventurer out in all of us – 1 to 99!

By seeing and being connected in the wild, people push past their ordinary limits and find they’re capable of much more than they had ever imagined. You’ll push your limits to hike that trail, endure those cold water temperatures when kayaking, and maybe even be proud about trying some new and adventurous things not a part of your normal routine.

Especially when RVing with kids, you foster a love of the outdoors (which they’ll hopefully continue with their kids in the future). Nature can spark a sleeping interest in ways that amusement parks miss. You’d be surprised how being surrounded by nature can bring to life an interest in learning more about it.

Great Alaskan Holidays understands how important family connections are in today’s world, and we’d like to help you create those lifelong memories.

5  –  Privacy, away from it all

We live in an age of distraction. Everything is designed to pull our attention away. There rarely is a moment when one is not bombarded with messages, ads, and relentless information.

When you RV Alaska, you have the option to get away from it all. See birds instead of tweets. Enjoy handmade items instead of headlines. And there’s no instant replay, so be ready to view a different type of livestream in real time.

And, best of all, you’re able to experience your surroundings in peace and privacy.

Why RV Alaska with Great Alaskan Holidays?

While you will have options to turn on the social media channels, you’ll find that the best share of the day is moments with your family. The best story will be the one you’re adventuring through.

Go ahead, RV Alaska! Why? Because everyone deserves to adventure!

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