The 26 Glacier Cruise by Phillips Cruises ( out of Whittier, Alaska is known worldwide for its magnificent marine tour taking you on an intimate journey with Alaska’s largest tidewater glaciers.  Wildlife abounds as well as you embark on one of the most incredible boat trips you could ever image.  Great Alaskan Holidays is proud to recommend Phillips Cruises 26 Glacier Cruise.  You won’t regret it.

Phillips Cruises and Tours

Departs: 12:30 PM

5 Hour Tour

Glaciers, Wildlife, Pristine Wilderness, and Smooth Cruising on Calm Waters from Whittier

Travel a short distance south of Anchorage to North America’s longest rail and vehicle tunnel to Whittier, the western gateway to Prince William Sound.   Home to massive glaciers, sea otters, Steller sea lions, whales, birds, and a host of other wildlife, you’ll see it all in one day and still be home in time for dinner. Pioneers of day cruising in Alaska, we have been sharing Alaska with visitors since 1958.

Hot lunch featuring wild Alaska smoked salmon chowder or hearty vegetarian chili, along with coffee, hot tea, and ice water is included.

5 hour tour departing at 12:30 PM. We recommend allowing 1.5 hours from Anchorage and timing your arrival to use the 10:30 AM tunnel opening to Whittier. Tunnel fee and parking are not included.

What to wear…

Even on the warmest summer days, the temperature on the water can be cool, especially in front of the glaciers. We recommend guests dress in layers so they are comfortable at the different stages of the cruise. All of their vessels offer heated, enclosed cabins, but to really experience the wildlife and glaciers, you’ll want to spend some time on the observation decks. Those planning to be on the outside viewing decks should bring a rainproof jacket, hat and gloves. Comfortable walking shoes with rubber soles are also important.

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