Top 5 Reasons to Own an RV in Alaska

Top 5 Reasons Why Owning an RV in Alaska Could be Right for Your Family

Coming up with new ways to entertain and reconnect with the family can be challenging in today’s world.  We’re all trying to balance a lot of things, but some things just aren’t worth putting off.  Creating those lasting, cherished memories are on the top of that list.  So when you’re thinking about ways to get back to yourself and your family, maybe owning a motor home deserves some strong consideration.  Among travelers, Alaska has long been an idealistic destination.  But for those of us who consider Alaska our own backyard, RVing is an excellent way to re-claim it.

RVing in a motor home from Great Alaskan Holidays lets you personalize your family’s next adventure.  With the safety and comforts of home, no schedules, and nature just outside your door.  This is exactly what RVing gives you – the personalization of your Alaskan adventure as you drive, camp, and enjoy.

So, if you want to grab (and keep) the attention of your family, owning an RV from Great Alaskan Holidays can help.  Here’s the top five reasons why owning could be right for you:

1  –  During Alaska’s summer, you’ve got 12 weekends of quality family time

Your family time during a school year is likely as hectic as anyone’s.  School activities, after school events, and staying in contact with your kid’s teachers are all pretty important.  But so is the time they have to learn from Mom and Dad.  And during Alaska’s summer months, you’ve only got about a dozen weekends to spend quality time with them, uninterrupted, in a classroom you can’t find anywhere else.


So maybe think about unplugging your mobile device and leaving your chargers at home.  Instead, maybe re-charge your family time.

RVing in Alaska will give you the time together you need, and the memories that will last a lifetime.

2  –  Make lasting memories to pass down from generation to generation

One of the most cherished memories in a child’s life is when their parents took them fishing.  It was just father and son, or maybe Mom and sis joining in.  Regardless, they all had that time to grow together, that time we all yearn for, to really become friends.

With jobs, obligations, and commitments outside of that family circle, fleeting is the time available to devote to those moments.  Time flies, and you’re left wondering ‘what if?’.

Taking off in your own motor home?  Problem solved.

In a motor home from Great Alaskan Holidays, those adventures are as close as the walk out of your house door and into your RV door.  Refrigerator is stocked, cupboards are full, the kids have their toys, and off you go.  It couldn’t be any easier.

Before you know it, you’re in Alaska, and the memories you’ll make are just around the bend in the road.  And the tradeoffs?  Trade multi-tasking for being in the moment.  Trade your inbox for your child’s inquisitive mind.  Trade that last frantic phone call at the end of the day, for that first peaceful cup of coffee first thing in the morning.

Worth every penny!

3  –  Freedom to go where you want, when you want

We’re living in an era full of distractions.  Everyone wants a piece of your attention, and everything is pulling us away from our intended direction.  Do This….Don’t Do That…..Can’t You Read the Signs?

When you own your own RV, you make the signs read how you want them to.  You go where you want to go, when you want to go there.

Options:  Pull off the side of the road and cast a line.  Pull over and take a quick nap.  Park in the beach parking lot and go for a beachcombing stroll looking for treasures.  Gaze into the eyes of Mt. McKinley from a trailhead.




The Arctic Circle….

Wrangell St. Elias….



Cooper Landing….




Many of these communities are connected by roads and are easy peasy to get to.  Four interstate highways help you maneuver through this majestic land we call Alaska.  And beyond that, if the road will let you go there, you’ve got an RV to give it a go.  And with an extremely reliable, tested RV generator, who needs electric of water?  You are self-sufficient (with an occasional recharge).

Alaska is pretty much wide-open spaces.  Owning your own RV is the perfect way to enjoy it to its fullest potential.

4  –  Be in the real Alaska at a moment’s notice

Our city is one much like others our size.  Although we all love Anchorage, Alaska lies just beyond its metro boundaries.  And your RV can help you enjoy it with the comforts of home.  Alaska is wild….unique….and it calls us every day.  It’s a lure back to nature few of us could ignore.  And with your own RV, you could be in Alaska at a moment’s notice, any time you like.

Whether it’s a 22 footer, or the larger 32’s, Alaska’s road system is really, really easy to navigate in an RV.  Adjust your driving habits a little here, and a little there, and take some time to get used to each other, and you’ll go as far as our roads can take you.

Few could dispute, Alaska was meant to be experienced in an intimate, up-close-and-personal manner.  In such a way you can actually feel the experience.  Not from a distance.  When owning your own motor home, it’s literally that close!

Discover more about Alaska in such a way only a motor home from Great Alaskan Holidays can provide.

5  –  Your furry friends are invited too

If you are a pet owner of almost any kind, no doubt you’ve been faced with what to do with your furry family members when you want a bit of a break.  Most brick-and-mortar lodging options have policies against allowing pets.  Most RV rental companies won’t allow them either.  So, you end up boarding them in a kennel, and for days they wonder if you’ll be back.

You don’t even think about it with an RV from Great Alaskan Holidays, because it’s never a question.  You own the RV.  You own the pets.  And together, you own the road.  Truly, a family getaway.

Let’s face it.  We love our furry little friends.  To depths those who don’t have pets might never understand.  They’ll love your home on wheels as much as you will.

While you have countless other choices in a world full of connectivity and immediateness, the best share or like of the day might be the moments you create with your family. The best stories will be the ones you adventure through together.

Go ahead, RV Alaska!


Because everyone deserves to adventure!

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