Alaska must be discovered slowly – one adventure at a time. Touring by motorhome gives you the freedom to explore a roadside glacier, linger a while longer to talk fishing with the locals, or take time for a little side road adventure. Great Alaskan Holidays caters to people with an independent spirit – a spirit that won’t be restrained by a prepackaged tour, a rigid time table, or anybody else’s idea of adventure. After all, this is your vacation.  Here are some sample itineraries that may help you.


Sample Itineraries – Planning Your Alaska Vacation Was Never So Easy

Below we’ve outlined a few of the most popular self-guided, informative sample itineraries you may find useful.  Each sample itineary lets you discover famous Alaska sights. For more ideas, consult the Milepost – or call us. We’ll be happy to suggest the perfect Alaskan vacation for you.  Or, you may click here to begin your adventure.

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1.  Denali National Park

Approximate Miles/Kilometers from Anchorage:  237m or 379km

This is one of the most amazing road trips in North America!  The 236 miles (or 380KM) trek takes you through one of the most beautiful scenarios you will have ever seen.  As you travel north, be prepared for photo opportunities of Denali; North America’s largest mountain peak at 20,310 feet above sea level.

Famous Activities:  Visit a musk ox farm or taste some of the Matanuska Valley’s world-record setting produce.  Get fishing on Alaska’s famous rivers and lake systems.  In Talkeetna, view Denali with a flightseeing tour with K2 Aviation.  But be prepared to slow down while in Talkeetna.  Nothing….and we mean nothing….moves fast there.  Within the Denali National Park itself, why not try river rafting?  And always be sure to keep your camera out and ready to spot Alaska’s famous wildlife, often found in the middle of the road!


  • Musk Ox Farm
  • Historic Talkeetna
  • River trips/fishing
  • K2 Aviation flightseeing tours over Mt. McKinley
  • The Riverboat Discovery
  • Fishing
  • Wildlife viewing bus tours
  • ATV rides
  • Zipline tours

Hidden Treat:  The Teklanika River Campground is a wonderful place to spot your RV for a few days.  It’s beyond the Savage River and is the only RV campground beyond Savage that you can take an RV into the park.

Note:  these are sample itineraries only

2.  Kenai Peninsula

Approximate Miles/Kilometers from Anchorage:  158m or 254km

Point your motor home south from Anchorage and discover days of fun and unparalleled adventure.  Enjoy Alaska’s famous Seward Highway, which has been designated as  National Forest Scenic Byway for its breathtaking scenery.  Along the Turnagin Arm, keep an eye out for Dall sheep navigating the rock cliffs on one side, and the Beluga whales navigating the waterway on the other.  The highway will eventually give you a choice; continue southeast towards Seward, or southwest towards Homer.  And check out the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center in the Portage area.

Famous Activities:  Pull off anywhere there’s water flowing on the Kenai Peninisula and cast your line into the world famous Kenai River or Russian River for some delicious red salmon, or that prize King.  Skilak Lake offers some stunning vistas while the entire Kenai is homes to bears….lots and lots of big bears.  And stop by the groovy little town of Girdwood for some arts and crafts, or Portage for hiking and the Portage Glacier.  Swing into Whitter for that marine tour of Prince William Sound on the Phillips Cruise’s 26 Glacier Cruise.


  • Portage Glacier Visitors Center/Boat Tours
  • Alyeska Aerial Tram
  • Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center
  • Marine wildlife and glacier viewing tours with Phillips Cruises 26 Glacier Cruise
  • Wildlife anywhere and everywhere along the highway
  • World famous salmon fishing on the Kenai or Russian Rivers with Cooper Landing Fishing Guide or AskMatt
  • Towns of Soldotna or Kenai
  • The quaint native village of Ninilchik, and others along the way
  • Historic gold mining community of Hope

Hidden Treat:  The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center is located outside of Girdwood near Portage and is dedicated to preserving Alaska’s extensive wildlife.  From brown bears to ox to wolves and lynx, this is a must-see for children.

Note:  these are sample itineraries only

3.  Homer

Approximate Miles/Kilometers from Anchorage:  222m or 356km

Located on the southern tip of the Kenai Peninsula, Homer is a true beauty and harbor town.  A unique feature is the Homer Spit; a stretch of land that houses shops full of local handmade products, restaurants with fresh seafood, and artwork.  Of course, no trip to the Halibut Fishing Capital of the World would be complete without fishing!

Famous Activities:  Take advantage of tours by water with sea kayaking, water taxis, paddleboarding, and even kite surfing!  On land, tour by ATV or by horse.  Be sure to keep your eyes peeled while bird watching, bear watching, and look at the bay for whales, sea otters, and sea lions.  Enough halibut?  Fish for numerous types of salmon that run year-round or further out with deep water catches.  Of course, there are plenty of art museums and galleries to get your Alaskan art.


  • Homer Spit boardwalk
  • Historic Old Towne
  • Pratt Museum
  • Islands & Oceans Visitor Center
  • Guided walks to explore the area through the Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies
  • Deep water and/or halibut fishing
  • Kite surfing
  • Paddleboarding
  • Eco-tours
  • Horseback riding
  • Bear viewing
  • Water taxis to cities across the bay for additional activities and adventures

Hidden Treat:  Brown bear (grizzly) viewing in the Katmai National Park and Lake Clark National Preserve are easily accessible from Homer, and will be one of the best and most unique experiences of your life.  Trust me…..this author has been there several times.  Bears gather near the coast to feast on salmon and other sources of food to prepare for their winter hibernation.  The best time to see these guys roam the park is from June through September.

Note:  these are sample itineraries only

4.  Seward

Approximate Miles/Kilometers from Anchorage:  127m or 204km

Often referred to as the gateway to the Kenai Fjords National Park, Seward is located on the Resurrection Bay, between two mountain ranges.  Once devastated by a tsunami wave 30 feet high from the 1964 Good Friday earthquake, the Seward waterfront has rebuilt into a world-class harbor for fishermen and adventurists alike.  With access to glaciers, national parks, and sea, there is plenty of tours that will blow your mind.  And if all of this weren’t enough, Great Alaskan Holidays specifically selects Seward every year as the destination for all employees and their annual end-of-season appreciate weekend getaway.  And don’t forget about grabbing some food and taking it to The Gateway Hotel where you’ll find Stoney Creek Brewhouse waiting for you while you each your pizza or sandwiches.

Famous Activities:  Kids will love the Alaska SeaLife Center that houses fund and educational displays on Alaska’s various sea life.  Not to mention the center si a marine mammal rehabilitation facility and a leader in marine research.  Hike Mt. Marathon, where each 4th of July world-caliber mountain runners race from downtown Seward, up the mountain, and down again.  Take tours by sea, by helicopter, or by dog.  Don’t forget to beachcomb along the Bay where you can easily spot jellyfish and maybe an otter or two looking at you.


  • Kenai Fjords National Park
  • Kenai Fjords Cruises
  • Major Marine Tours
  • Stoney Creek Brewhouse at The Gateway Hotel
  • Alaska SeaLife Center
  • Dog Sled rides and tours
  • Helicopter tours
  • The True Value Hardware Store
  • Exit Glacier
  • Kayaking
  • Silver Salmon Derby
  • Seward Music and Arts Festival
  • The Yukon Bar

Hidden Treat:  The True Value Hardware Store in Seward is unlike any other True Value Hardware Store in the country.  Everything you need is there.  And don’t forget about some of the other gift shops, adventure gear shops, and household goods shops.  Some of the coolest in Alaska.

Note:  these are sample itineraries only

5.  Valdez

Approximate Miles/Kilometers from Anchorage:  299m or 479km

Head north, and then south, to visit the port town of Valdez.  While on your way down the Richardson Highway, explore unique opportunities to see glaciers, the Wrangell Mountain range, and a number of breathtaking waterfalls.

Famous Activities:  Visit many visitor centers dedicated to exploring the numerous state parks, including amazing hiking trails like Thunderbird Falls Trail, the Lion’s Head Trail, or actually hiking or climbing on the ice of the Matanuska Glacier.  Enjoy traveling in between mountains as you make your way to the land of waterfalls.  Once in Valdez, try a flightseeing adventure, fish for salmon or halibut, or hop aboard the Alaska State Ferry’s marine highway to explore the nearby, and little-slice-of-heaven, Cordova.


  • Matanuska Glacier
  • Thunderbird Falls and Trails
  • The Wrangell St. Elias Mountain Range
  • Waterfalls
  • Cooper Center; the oldest, non-native town established for Klondike goldrush prospectors
  • Trans Alaska pipeline
  • Prince William Sound
  • Valdez Harbor
  • Flightseeing Tours
  • River rafting
  • Scuba diving
  • Salmon or halibut fishing

Hidden Treat:  The Prince William Sound is an amalgam of underwater beauty.  Scuba diving tours highlight the diverse aquatic life supported in the Sound with opportunities to view salmon sharks, jellyfish migrations, salmon, and even Spring-season diving to see icebergs.

Note:  these are sample itineraries only

6.  Fairbanks

Approximate Miles/Kilometers from Anchorage:  359m or 576km

Head north to get to the jewel of the interior; Fairbanks.  Just shy of the arctic tree line, Fairbanks is a summer wonderland of warm temperatures and longer daylight. 

Famous Activities:  Hop aboard the Riverboat Discovery down the Chena and Tanana rivers on Alaska’s only operating sternwheeler.  Kids will enjoy the Pioneer Theme Park, complete with old-time photo sessions and historic buildings and recreations of yesteryear.  Tour the famous gold mines of the interior such as the El Dorado Gold Mine and test your luck at gold panning.  Drive further to see the famous Trans-Alaska pipeline.


  • University of Alaska Fairbanks Museum
  • Chena Hot Springs
  • Chena Hot Springs Resort Ice Bar
  • Pioneer Theme Park
  • El Dorado Gold Mine
  • The Riverboat Discovery
  • Trans Alaska Pipeline

Hidden Treat:  Chena Hot Springs is located just 57 miles northeast of Fairbanks and is nestled in the Chena River State Recreation area.  Originally found by gold mining brothers, the water runs at 165 degrees (Xc) all year round.  The current resort has indoor and outdoor pools, including an artificial Rock Lake that visitors can relax in.  Not your thing?  The resort also has the Aurora Ice Museum (year-round) and an ice bar to experience.  Or check out the free geothermal renewable energy tours daily.

Note:  these are sample itineraries only

7.  Haines/Skagway

Approximate Miles/Kilometers from Anchorage:  756m or 1,214km  –  774m or 1,245km.  This itinerary route is subject to up-to-date US/Canadian border restrictions and may not be available during your time of travel.

Further southeast, the smaller towns of Haines and Skagway are located at the top of the Alaska panhandle and share a border with Canada.  Once a booming passage area for the Klondike Gold Rush, both towns offer historic town sites and early Alaskan immigration culture.  The landscape consists of islands or broken up spaces by water, mountains, more temperate flora and fauna in the national parks, and waterways defining an aquatic lifestyle.

Famous Activities:  The drive to Haines/Skagway is remarkable.  See ancient legends brought to life with carved masks and traditional garb or a production in the Chilkat Center for the Arts in Haines.  Check out the museum and culture exhibits to learn about indigenous life and impact of migration settlers, explorers, and gold rush seekers in the area.  Board the Alaska State Ferry to Skagway and experience the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park in the downtown area.  Walk the Klondike Trail and even ride the White Pass and Yukon railroad for a one-of-a-kind trip!


  • Chilkat Center for the Arts (Haines)
  • Chiklat Dancers (Haines)
  • Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve; the world’s largest concentration of bald eagles (Haines region)
  • Historic Fort William H. Seward
  • Alaska State Ferry
  • Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park (Skagway)
  • Hike the Klondike Trail (Skagway)
  • Tour the White Pass and Yukon railroad by train (Skagway)
  • Flightseeing trips to Glacier Bay
  • Trail of 98 Museum (Skagway)
  • Port Chilkoot Distillery

Hidden Treat:  The Kroschel Films Wildlife Center offers small group tours to experience some of Alaska’s wildlife in a close and controlled environment.  These rescued animals are able to roam within their natural habitats.  Visit a unique (and the world’s first) museum covering the history of hammers!  The Hammer Museum, nestled in Haines, displays hammers from around the world with amazing displays that turn tools into art.

Note:  these are sample itineraries only

8.  Dawson City / Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada

Approximate Miles/Kilometers from Anchorage:  501m or 806km  –  703m or 1,131km.  This itinerary route is subject to up-to-date US/Canadian border restrictions and may not be available during your time of travel.

North to Alaska meant north through the Yukon (for early gold seekers, at least), during what became known as the Klondike Gold Rush of the late 1800’s.  The spirit of yesteryear is alive in both historic cities, featuring extensive museums, exhibits, and even century-themed pub tours and productions.

Travel Tip:  Be sure to pack your passport!

Famous Activities:  Learn about the extent of impact of the Klondike Gold Rush and even pan for gold yourself!  Cruise the Yukon River in style or get in a round of golf.  Try your luck at Gerties Gambling Hall then take in a turn-of-the-century floorshow.  Learn about famed authors Jack London and Robert Service during their time in the area.  These two cities bring history alive!


  • S.S. Klondike National Historical Site (Whitehorse)
  • Weekly Farmers Marketing in Shipyards Park (Whitehorse)
  • The Yukon River
  • Whitehorse kayaking and rafting
  • Tombstone Territorial Park (Yukon)
  • Yukon Arts Centre (Whitehorse)
  • 7-Hole Mountainview Golf Course (Yukon)
  • Beringia Centre (Whitehorse)
  • MacBride Museum (Whitehorse)
  • Takhini Hot Springs (Whitehorse)
  • Dawson City Golf Course (Dawson City)
  • Diamond Tooth Gerties Gambling Hall (Dawson City)
  • Klondike Spirit steamboat tour (Dawson City)
  • Parks Canada – Dawson City ESCAPE! (Escape room in Dawson City)
  • Jack London Museum (Dawson City)
  • Hysterical Historical Pub Tour (Dawson City)

Hidden Treat:  Be daring and walk across the Robert Lower suspension bridge at the Miles Canyon outside of Whitehorse (Mile 910 on the Alaska Highway).  Take on the trails along the canyon or simply view of the surrounding beauty.

Note:  these are sample itineraries only

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