Tag along with Matanuska Glacier Tours and you’ll see that the Matanuska Glacier is stunning from a distance.  But keep going with their professional guides and you will experience a fairytale environment of constantly changing sculptures. The changing light, infinite shades of blue, and the sounds of the ice make glacier hiking a unique experience.

Guided tours depart every day at 10AM, 11AM, 1PM & 2PM.  For quick service please call us directly at (907) 746-1696.  Or, visit them at

This team of amazing excursion specialists offer the Great Alaskan Holidays RV adventurer a true, intimate opportunity most will never see in their lifetimes.  To hike an Alaska inland glacier, on foot, and experience a block of ice that is centuries old.  Below you will find a photo gallery that stands behind this statement.  True blue ice, hueing brilliantly as it melds with both the sunrise and the sunset.  And located only 90 miles north of your Great Alaskan Holidays RV pick up location, this glacial wonderland couldn’t be a better welcome stop for those just arriving in Alaska.  Although you can certainly fit one of our larger units into their parking spaces, the lot right in front of the face of the glacier lends itself perfectly to our smaller units, namely the 22 or 25 footers, or the Winnebago Solis camper van.  Incidentally, the author of this content found the Solis to be the perfect fit.  And be sure to enjoy the majestic beauty of the Matanuska Valley as you traverse your way to the glacier viewing site.  After all, the valley is where the glacier came from in the first place.

Visit, for more details, including rates, or contact them at:  66500 S. Glacier Park Rd. (glacier access), Sutton, Alaska 99674 USA – Phone (907) 745-2534  –  Text (907) 232-9046  –

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