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K2 Aviation out of Talkeetna, Alaska, provides our Great Alaskan Holidays RV rental customers with a flightseeing excursion over Mt. Denali (formerly Mt. McKinley) and the Alaska Range one has to see to believe.  Great Alaskan Holidays proudly supports K2 Aviation as a preferred industry partner and an amazing adventure for your whole family.

Denali Experience

Tour Features:
– Moose’s Tooth, Broken Tooth
– Mt. Barille
– Tokositna Glacier
– Ruth Glacier & Ruth Ice Fall
– The Great Gorge
– South Face of Mt. Denali
– Don Sheldon Amphitheater

Denali Flyer

Tour Features:
– Includes Denali Experience Tour – Route
– South Hunter Ice Fall
– West Ridge of Mount Hunter
– Climber’s Base Camp
– West Buttress Route, most popular climbing route
– Little Switzerland, Kanikula, Tokositna, and Ruth Glaciers

Denali Grand Tour

Tour Features:
– Includes Denali Experience and Flyer Routes
– Climber’s Base Camp and the West Buttress
– The Wickersham Wall: 14,000 foot continuous vertical rise of rock and ice
– The Eldridge and Coffee Glaciers
– Breathtaking north side of Denali
– Longer tour!

A flightseeing trip over Denali National Park and Preserve will give you a bird’s-eye view of its incredible vastness and awesome beauty. Encounter a mile high gorge, rivers of pre-historic glacier ice, snow capped mountains that extend seemingly forever and North America’s tallest mountain, Mt. Denali, towering above it all. Whether you choose an incredible flightseeing tour into the mountains, add a glacier landing, or choose to hike in Denali’s back country, we will assist you in finding the right experience.

K2 Aviation invites you to experience the wonders of Alaska and Denali National Park and Preserve, and gain a new appreciation for our state’s size and rugged beauty. Their location in Talkeetna provides an excellent starting point for your explorations of Mt. Denali, the Alaska Range, and Denali National Park.

K2 Aviation’s beginnings – K2 Aviation has more than 28 years experience in flying climbers and sightseers in the Talkeetna area, coupled with Rust’s Flying Service’s nearly 50 years experience as an air taxi. Kitty and Kimbal Forest founded the business in 1980, operating it for one year. Jim and Julie Okonek owned and operated K2 from 1981 until 1996 when Todd, Suzanne and Colin Rust bought the business. The Rusts expanded the flightseeing side of the business by innovating with turbo Otters for glacier landings, offering a quieter operation and reducing the carbon footprint in the pristine area of Denali National Park.

Today, Suzanne Rust manages the Talkeetna based business with its fleet of DeHavilland Otters and Beavers, a Piper Cherokee, and a Navajo Chieftain.

K2 Aviation leading the way – K2 received the highest score on the recent National Park Service concessionaire proposal for landings within Denali National Park. K2 Aviation also received the coveted Gold Award from the Anchorage Daily News in the Air Taxi category.

What to wear and bring…
During the summer season, May through September 15, we encourage you to layer your clothing, bring a light jacket and wear long pants. In addition, it is a very good idea to have comfortable, closed toe shoes and sunglasses. We provide glacier overboots for landings. During the shoulder seasons: It is a good idea to bring a heavier coat, gloves/mittens, a hat and boots.

Learn more or book your Alaska flightseeing tour with K2 Aviation.

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