5 Things We Always Have For an RV Adventure

Summer is in full swing around Alaska, and our team is gearing up for another weekend of outdoor-themed fun as we motor north to the village of Talkeetna. We’re pretty confident about our Alaska RV packing checklist, thanks in part to the smart people at Great Alaskan Holidays who allowed us their expertise and even some gear during our first trip two years ago. But we’ve also learned a fair bit about what items truly do make a difference when taking an Alaska RV trip since often, we’re far away from stores (or our own garage) if we forget something.

Here are our top 5:


  1. Bike rack and bikes. While it is fabulous to have a “cabin on wheels” and one engine with which to get us here, there, and everywhere, once we park and hook up, we don’t want to undo everything to run over to a local park or restaurant. The bikes have provided us excellent access and a lot of additional fun, and it’s easy to attach a rack to the back of the RV. Great Alaskan Holidays has racks for rent, or attach your own. Bikes can be rented from several places in Anchorage as well.
  2. Coffee pot. Dear lord, what sort of person would I be if I didn’t have my coffee? Many Alaska RV renters believe they don’t need a coffee pot because they can merely swing by a shop or stand each morning. While this may be true in some places, most of Alaska’s campgrounds and RV parks don’t offer a latte with your site. And it’s cheaper to brew your own anyway. Don’t forget the filters and coffee, too. We like the beans from Kaladi Brothers Coffee, available in most Alaska communities.
  3. Chairs. Don’t spend your entire Alaska RV vacation inside — take advantage of the fresh air and beautiful surroundings and sit outside! Folding lawn chairs are easy to store in an RV and come in a variety of styles and sizes to fit everyone in the family. Rent one for each passenger from Great Alaskan Holidays, or bring your own, and plan on sitting by the fire and swapping stories at night. Psst: I also like hammocks, as you can see from the photo above. We found ours on Amazon, but there are tons of options.
  4. Clothespins and a clothesline. No kidding. These little buggars are helpful for so many things — from hanging wet gloves and dish towels to keeping bags of chips, pasta, or cereal closed. We love them and they are easy to pack. Check out more ideas HERE.
  5. Pop-up trash can. Really? Yes, really. There is nothing worse than trying to navigate a rapidly-filling bag of trash in an RV, especially if a secure dumpster is at the far end of the campground. We like this can from Coleman; it packs easily and holds a standard kitchen trash bag. Plus, it has a zipper to keep bugs out. Note: This is NOT a bear-proof can, so you will need to keep it indoors (yay zipper!) or store it securely in the RV underside.

Learn more about gear and rental packages for Alaska RV travel from Great Alaskan Holidays HERE.

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