Cruise Overview

Join us for our first cruise of the season as we search for gray whales on their incredible annual migration. Every year, gray whales migrate over 10,000 miles round-trip between Baja and the Bering and Chukchi Seas – the longest migration route of any mammal. These whales begin migrating north in late February and arrive in Alaska in the spring, spending the summer feeding in shallow Arctic waters before migrating south in mid-October. They deliver their calves in the warm, protected lagoons off the coast of Baja in the winter.

Our Spring Wildlife Cruise takes you through Resurrection Bay to the edge of the Gulf of Alaska in search of our returning visitors. In addition to gray whales, watch for Steller sea lions, sea otters, Dall’s porpoises, harbor seals, bald eagles, and other whales including humpbacks and orcas. Occasionally, you will see mountain goats with their newly born kids and black bears foraging along the coastline of Resurrection Bay. This tour is fully narrated by our experienced, knowledgeable captains.

  • Search for wildlife and enjoy the snow-capped mountains and incredible spring scenery of Resurrection Bay and the Kenai Mountains
  • Experience the unique opportunity to view a whale species that is only in the area for a short time in the spring.
  • View other wildlife including Steller sea lions, sea otters, harbor seals, mountain goats, bears, eagles, humpback whales, and orcas.


  • Depart/Return, Dates: 1:30 p.m. –5:00 p.m., June 17 –August 13 & September 25 –October 15
    Retail Price: $79
  • Vessel: Orca Song, 70 ft. monohull
  • Capacity: 60


  • Cruise the calm, protected waters of Resurrection Bay on a smaller vessel
  • View alpine and piedmont glaciers
  • Two departure times offer convenience for those who are short on time.
  • Wildlife: whales, sea otters, Steller sea lions, harbor seals, seabirds


This cruise is ideal for those who have limited time in Seward. This is also our latest-running tour, providing opportunities for cruising through the fall.

What to wear…

Even on the warmest summer days, the temperature on the water can be cool, especially in front of the glaciers. We recommend guests dress in layers so they are comfortable at the different stages of the cruise. All of their vessels offer heated, enclosed cabins, but to really experience the wildlife and glaciers of Kenai Fjords, you’ll want to spend some time on the observation decks. Those planning to be on the outside viewing decks should bring a rainproof jacket, hat and gloves. Comfortable walking shoes with rubber soles are also important.

Major Marine Tours’ Kenai Fjords Route Map

Major Marine Tours’ Seward Parking Map

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