An Alaskan cruise can, and should be, much more than one could typically find on a traditional cruise ship traveling far off the coasts of Alaska.  Cruise ships have itineraries, while cruising in Alaska doesn’t have to.  Cruise ships create a sense of confinement, while cruising Alaska offers nothing but the freedom of the open road.  And cruise ships severely limit the amount of Alaska one can actually see.  The next time you are considering an Alaskan cruise, consider cruising Alaska in a motorhome from Great Alaskan Holidays.

Great Alaskan Holidays offers an Alaskan cruise option most may not have considered.  Cruise Alaska in a spacious motorhome of varying floorplans, all with a tremendous view.  ‘See’ Alaska on a cruise in an RV, instead of ‘seaing’ Alaska on a cruise ship.  Cruise Alaska on your terms, with your own family, in an RV from Great Alaskan Holidays, instead of cruising Alaska with thousands of other people you don’t even know.

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