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Renting a motor home from a 3rd Party can be very risky.  Here are a few things to consider when deciding between a 3rd Party RV rental, and a more traditional RV rental.   Reliability and dependability may not be as solid as it would be with a more reputable brand with decades of industry experience backing it up. Standards of quality, safety, maintenance, or cleanliness may not be maintained by 3rd Party renters. What do you do if you have a problem while on your rental vacation? You are likely on your own to figure it out and may be exposed to the costs associated with the problem. Great Alaskan Holidays has experienced Reservations Specialists ready to help you through the reservation process, and technical service support during your rental. Depending on the situation, we can direct you to certified technicians in your area, walk you through the troubleshooting where you are located, or provide a motor home for motor home swap in the unlikely event repairs become necessary. Is there an RV orientation available? If not, you [...]

Initial Wage Range:  $16.00 to $21.00 per hour – $16/hr Base Pay plus $3/hr Attendance Bonus plus $2/hr End of Season Bonus

Working Conditions:  Five days a week including weekends with 1/2 hour lunches.  35-40 hours per week.

Supervisor:  Customer Service Manager

Essential Duties and Responsibilities – Cashier/Receptionist:

  • Provide rotational coverage of Cashier and Receptionist positions.
  • Review rental agreements and accompanying documents for accuracy.
  • Transferring data from paper into a database with time limits.
  • Assist Customer Service staff with rental pick ups and returns.
  • All other duties as assigned.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities – Client Record Maintenance:

  • Accurately maintain client files.
  • Keep information confidential.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Must be 21 years of age.
  • Must be able to consistently present the business in a positive and upbeat style.
  • Ability to accurately account for c [...]

Top 5 Reasons to RV Alaska on Your Next Vacation

When thinking about your next vacation, RVing Alaska should be a finalist! Alaska has long been the ideal and dream destination for vacationers because of its natural beauty, abundant wildlife, and sheer vastness of its landscapes.

Now imagine all of these experiences with the ability to drive, camp, and enjoy places longer than from a hotel room. This is exactly what RVing gives you – the personalization of your Alaskan experience.  Great Alaskan Holidays can help you get there.

So, besides the freedom of the road, here are the top five reasons to RV Alaska:

1  -  Wide open spaces only Alaska’s personality can provide

Alaska has open spaces like no other. Within its half a million square miles, there are 33,904 miles of shoreline; three major mountain ranges; 12,000 rivers, and a state population of just over 731,000 people. That equates to 1.3 persons per square mile!Subscribe to our YouTube Channel, get answers to your questions, and see what to expect when renting a motorhome in Alaska.Many of our communities are connected by roads. There are four interstate highways to help you navigate thr [...]

Top 5 Reasons Why Owning an RV in Alaska Could be Right for Your Family Coming up with new ways to entertain and reconnect with the family can be challenging in today’s world.  We’re all trying to balance a lot of things, but some things just aren’t worth putting off.  Creating those lasting, cherished memories are on the top of that list.  So when you’re thinking about ways to get back to yourself and your family, maybe owning a motor home deserves some strong consideration.  Among travelers, Alaska has long been an idealistic destination.  But for those of us who consider Alaska our own backyard, RVing is an excellent way to re-claim it. RVing in a motor home from Great Alaskan Holidays lets you personalize your family’s next adventure.  With the safety and comforts of home, no schedules, and nature just outside your door.  This is exactly what RVing gives you – the personalization of your Alaskan adventure as you drive, camp, and enjoy. So, if you want to grab (and keep) the attention of your family, owning an RV from Great Alaskan Holidays can help.  Here’s the top five reasons why owning could be right for you: 1  -  During Alaska’s summer, you’ve got 12 weekends of quality family time Your family time during a school year [...]

If you’re headed to Alaska this season and are considering renting a motorhome for your fishing trip, you may already be aware that Alaska is one of the most motorhome-friendly states in the US.  With ample rv sites and roadside camping available, a motorhome is an excellent way to tour Alaska, especially with fishing rods in tote.

Alaska has one of the most popular and productive roadside fisheries anywhere in the world with easy access to some of the best fishing that anglers the world-over dream about.  If a relaxing, worry-free fishing trip is what you’re looking for, then renting a motorhome for fishing in Alaska is the right way to do it.

In order to plan a great fishing vacation with a motorhome in Alaska, a few considerations should be made: namely, what species are you interested in and what are your fishing goals? There are key, prime times when the odds of catching

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