Optional Insurance Great Alaskan Holidays would like to remind you of optional insurance coverage available to you for your upcoming vehicle rental.  Underwritten by The Zurich Insurance Group (Zurich), Great Alaskan Holidays offers additional coverage such as Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI), Personal Property Coverage (PPC), and Personal Accident Coverage (PAC) for your extended peace of mind. Supplemental Liability Insurance Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI) protects you against claims made by a third party for ‘bodily injury’ and/or ‘property damage’ sustained as a result of an accident while you are operating a ‘rental vehicle’. This coverage is excess over the ‘underlying insurance’ specified within your signed ‘rental agreement’. Provides $1,000,000 in supplemental insurance coverage for all authorized drivers. For questions regarding these supplemental coverage options, please contact your Customer Service Representative, or refer to the Zurich informational brochures available at the Great Alaskan Holidays customer service counter.
Restrictions on Operating the Motorhome Some roads in the State of Alaska are not well maintained, nor well suited for motorhome travel.  Because the safety of our customers, the communities they travel through, and the motorhomes themselves are our top priority, RV travel in Alaska does come with road restrictions.  On these roads you may operate the vehicle under certain restrictions . The restrictions are: Do not exceed 25 MPH.  It is strongly recommended that this is adhered to. Stop and check the tires every 10 to 15 miles to ensure you don't have a flat on the rear dual tires. Note: Due to flying rocks Alyeska Pipeline Service Co. requires employees to wear safety glasses when driving the Dalton Highway.  Denali Highway - Cantwell to Paxson (Occasionally in poor condition – For current conditions check with Alaska Dept of Transportation)  Denali National Park Road  Elliott Highway - Fairbanks to Manley Hot Springs  Klondike Loop Highway - Chicken to Dawson City Steese Highway - Fairbanks to Circle Top of the World Highway - Dawson City to Chicken Taylor Highway - Tetlin Junction to Eagle Due to the poor condition of some roads and highways in Alaska and the Yukon, you are prohibited [...]
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We receive a lot of frequently asked questions.  Do you have any about your RV Rental?   Read through our FAQ to see if we have an answer for you already.  You can also try searching for topics and questions using our Search tool at the bottom of this page.


Can I bring my Pets (Dogs, Cats, etc) with me in the motorhome?

NO.  Sorry, we do not allow pets, dogs, cats, or any animals of any kind in our rental motorhomes. Great Alaskan Holidays, Inc. is pleased to offer animal free motorhomes, and we hold our clients accountable with substantial penalty fees for bringing animals into the motorhome ($500 fine). We cannot guarantee the previous guest did not bring an animal into the motorhome, however the motorhomes are thoroughly cleaned by our housekeeping staff between each rental. (Service Animals are welcome, but please let us know in advance

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Cancellations - Reservation Deposit The "Reservation Deposit" is a deposit required to confirm and hold a motorhome rental reservation with Great Alaskan Holidays, Inc.  The Reservation Deposit is subject to cancellations fees as outlined in the Terms of Agreement.  At pickup, the Reservation Deposit will be contributed to your reservation as a pre-payment of your rental fees.  The Reservation Deposit is a minimum of $500 and may be higher depending on your specific reservation dates and pricing. CancelCare™ Protection (CCP) Great Alaskan Holidays, Inc. now proudly offers CancelCare™ Protection (CCP) for our rental customers.  CancelCare™ Protection secures your reservation deposit, and any prepaid rental fees in the event of cancellation up to 72 hours prior to your pick up day. We understand how unforeseeable events can cause untimely and expensive consequences.  Medical, family, and personal emergencies are generally the leading cause for vacation cancellations.  This is why we offer and recommend CancelCare™ Protection to all our customers.   CancelCare™ Protection is available only at the time you are making your reservation and is non refundable.  If you decide not to purchase CancelCare™ Protection, your reservation [...]
Winter Rental consideration given to special requests only at this time.  Contact our Reservations Department at (907) 248-7777, option 1, or reservations@greatalaskanholidays.com with your inquiry.For RV rentals during the winter months (generally between early to mid October and the end of April) the motorhome water system is winterized. The fresh water system is not protected from outside temperatures so in order to help minimize potential damage caused by freezing cold temperatures we encourage you to use your best judgment during your rental at all times. We have included some suggestions below regarding usage of the water systems during the winter season but please remember that you are ultimately responsible for any damage that may occur during your rental. Water and Sinks and Drains As the water system is winterized there will be no fresh water available in the coach. We recommend bringing jugs of fresh water to use for drinking, cooking, washing dishes, etc. While using water to cook and clean you will still need to add RV Antifreeze to the sinks as they flow into a different holding tank than the toilet system. We recommend using a quart of antifreeze to every gallon of water poured into the sinks to help prevent the h [...]
rv pickup orientation and return
RV Pickup Orientation and Return  -  Did you know… Just like a luxury hotel room, each Great Alaskan Holidays motorhome is completely serviced between rentals. In addition to being thoroughly cleaned by our housekeeping staff, each motorhome receives a forty-one point maintenance and safety inspection. RV Pickup, Orientation, and Return Information RV pickup orientation and return times are determined by motorhome availability, and will be scheduled as close to your requested pick up time as possible. We will not begin a orientation later than 5:15 p.m.  Before the vehicle is picked up, we will provide a complete orientation and introduction to your motorhome, which will include a brief video of basic instruction on driving the vehicle and the mechanical features of both the chassis and the coach.  Orientation will take approximately 45 minutes.  Please also note, in an effort to further assist our customers and to speed up the orientation process, we now offer our orientation video online, available for viewing prior to your arrival.  Please contact our Reservations Department for further details about your RV pickup, orientation, and return times.  Click
Motorhome Rental Insurance Many motorhome rental companies now require clients to provide their own insurance or provide insurance at extra cost.  Great Alaskan Holidays continues to include free liability insurance coverage as part of our service. Insurance coverage is based upon whether the rental is recreational or commercial.  Please read below to understand the differences.  Most rentals will be considered recreational rentals. Our insurance meets Alaska State Statutory limits, which as of March, 2017, are: Liability (Bodily Injury) $50,000/person, $100,000/accident Property Damage $25,000/accident Uninsured Motorist $50,000/person, $100,000/accident Recreational Rentals A “Recreational Rental” is a rental whose primary purpose is travelling with friends or family for pleasure, to see sights and engage in activities for relaxation and enjoyment. Recreational rentals have the following deposit and insurance deductibles: Reservation Deposit - (the amount required to hold and confirm your rv rental reservation; see Cancellations) Damage Deposit Credit Hold - $500 (a hold secured on your credit card during the duration of your rental) Collision Deductible - $3,000 (without CDW) Com [...]
important rental information
Subscribe to our YouTube Channel, get answers to your questions, and see what to expect when renting a motorhome in Alaska.Important rental information - Included With Your Rental & Outfitting.  From free cleaning to pots, pans, and sheets.  We have you covered with the all the basics plus and more! Important rental information - What Is Included With My Rental? Important rental information - All rentals include at no additional charge: Best access to supermarkets and highways. Late model motorhome (2022 Model Years or Newer). Guaranteed!1 New acre, 27,000 sq.ft. facility with "Freshen Up" service. TV/DVD player Power Generator for complete independence, Roof Air Conditioner for comfort, and a microwave oven for your convenience. Unlimited use of the Power Generator No requirement to prepay rental fees No hidden cleaning fee. You don't have to clean the motorhome for the next customer to get your deposit refunded. Don’t be misled by companies claiming "No mandatory cleaning fee." With Great Alaskan Holidays, "We do the cleaning". A complete housekeeping package with brand name cookware. Brand names include Cuisinart and Corelle. We [...]
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